Howard Hughes Corporate Office

Work - Commercial Office

Collaborative areas and open workstations promote teamwork. The perimeter space is lined with modular glass walls with barn doors to provide privacy for management as needed. Splashes of color are used sparingly in the overall

Located on the first floor of Two Summerlin, the Howard Hughes Corporate Offices reflect the founder as master developer, innovator, and the industrialist of aviation and fight. This corporate office evokes these sentiments from the minute you enter the front doors of the main suite. The large custom wall and ceiling metal panels are replicated to show off one of the founder’s favorite planes as the focal point of the reception area. The use of accents of walnut and stone sets the tone for this stately corporate headquarters in Las Vegas.

Project Principal: Jonelle Vance, IIDA, LEED AP

Firm: EV&A; Project Completed by Jonelle Vance while at EV&A