JRS Hospitality Corporate Headquarters

Work - Commercial Office

This is the home for JRS Hospitality, a developer and owner of several iconic restaurants in Las Vegas as well as a PR management company for several high-profile athletes.

Entering the space, through the double glass doors, there is an open seating area with large private offices at the perimeter featuring floor to ceiling glass walls offering stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Summerlin, and the Las Vegas Ball Park. A neutral palette of grays with pops of color flow throughout. Walnut is the feature wood for the custom furnishings and the wall and ceiling design. The play of ceiling heights and special lighting reinforce wayfinding. The plan revolves around gatherings for chef prepared lunches within a fully operational kitchen, informal meetings and baseball games. The lobby is a non-traditional living room without a formal reception area and balcony that is accessible to all guest and staff through the communal kitchen.

Project Principal: Jonelle Vance, IIDA, LEED AP

Firm: EV&A; Project Completed by Jonelle Vance while at EV&A