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Commercial Development Architecture: Zahid Business Park

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July 14, 2016 Architecture

Commercial Development Architecture: Zahid Business Park

At SH Architecture, we do not take commercial development architecture and commercial architecture design lightly. When you think about the words commercial development, it implies that through commerce you improve something, whether this improvement comes from boosting the economy, providing users with goods and services or utilizing unused space to improve the community.

To align our goals with any project we take, we design our projects to become a vital part of the community for years to come.

A recent project of ours is an example of this—the Zahid Business Park.

Commercial Development Architecture Center: Zahid Business Park

SH Architecture was selected as the Master Plan and Design architecture among 100 different international commercial design firms and commercial design firms in Las Vegas. We were not chosen only on our experience in commercial development architecture but also for the cornerstone of our business. We believe every building in every community will serve the community for years to come.

Commercial development center architecture concept

When we drew out the blueprints for the Zahid Business Park, our commercial architects in Las Vegas did so with the intention of incorporating the community at large and making a positive change. This community included the unincorporated land in surrounding area of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the people of Saudi Arabia themselves.

The Unincorporated Land of Zahid Business Park

When we saw the 120 acres of undeveloped land in Saudi Arabia, we saw an opportunity. We had multiple goals. We did not want to negatively affect the space’s environment. We decided to include new developments in architecture such as sustainable architecture features. The Zahid Business Park includes wind turbines and solar arrays.

The business park is considered “off-the-grid.” Therefore, the park produces its own power and has its own water and sewage filtration plant.

Community of Saudi Arabia

While the Park is designed for private commercial use, the park is not alienated from the community. We wanted the business center to be inviting and an integral part of the Kingdom. Therefore, we designed the park work in conjunction of communal and commercial development architecture buildings.

We thought it necessary them to create the park with a central boulevard. This boulevard runs through the middle of the site allowing people access to the park’s various facilities but shows the connection between community and industry.

These communal facilities include a mosque, cultural center, museum, vocational training center, and much more.

Commercial Architects

Commercial development architecture involves multiple entities coordinating with one another to create an impact on the surrounding community’s economy, but more importantly, the people and their space.

If you need assistance in your next commercial development architecture project, contact SH Architecture and create something built to last.