Knit sees community as home. We find joy and meaning in our work through connecting with others.

In a metaphorical sense our role on projects is to gather the threads of various community stakeholders and to combine them in a way that is technical, beautiful, and lasting. Our goal is not to simply provide a set of drawings for construction – we can certainly do that. Our goal is to provide a design that amplifies current successes, resolves perceived and real deficiencies from the current condition, and is adaptable to the changes tomorrow will require.

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Knit is about telling the client’s story

Knit is about telling the client’s story

Knit is about the spirit of caring you bring to each interaction with someone else. Our work aims to unleash the promise in others, ease suffering, and allow others to be heard and have a part in shaping where they live, learn, work and play.

At Knit, we’re focused on four key areas

We seek build community through four key areas of work. Each of these areas is a critical component to a resilient and successful community. Come take a look and be part of the conversation about the places where you live, learn, work and play.

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