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Medical Facility Architecture: CSN Engelstad Health Science Building

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July 20, 2016 Community

Medical Facility Architecture: CSN Engelstad Health Science Building

For hundreds of Las Vegas and out-of-state citizens, College of Southern Nevada on Charleston has become the starting place for their career in healthcare training. The center of learning responsible for this is the Engelstad Health Science Building, otherwise known as the K building.

Not only is it a prime example of our work in medical facilities architecture, but its impact to the Las Vegas community cannot be understated.

College of Southern Nevada Engelstad Health Science Building

Before we built, we first asked: What is a medical facility, and what does it need to give our future experts the edge to prepare them for the realities of their career?

In essence, the definition of a medical facility are institutions in which healthcare is provided. These medical facilities range from hospitals, clinics, research laboratories and medical schools. Students must be comfortable and navigate between these various types of medical facilities.

Therefore, we designed the Engelstad Building to facilitate the look, function and feel like these medical facilities. The look takes inspiration from some of the medical facilities aesthetics around our office near Tenaya Way.

medical-facilities-architecture-nursesWhile the building serves in preparing students for the challenge they will face in their career, we intended for this building overall to make an impact on the Las Vegas community.

Today, we know the Engelstad building is the center of the rigorous nursing student program, which regularly turns out graduates. While we are happy we designed a building that will prepare these nurses for their careers, we take pride that our facility will help produce the finest quality nurses who take care of you and your family whenever you need health care.

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