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Michelle Duranleau’s Path to AIA Licensure

By John Ritz

November 7, 2017 Architecture, Community, News, Team

Michelle Duranleau’s Path to AIA Licensure

Just a couple weeks ago, Knit’s, Michelle Duranleau received her AIA License. We wanted to congratulate Michelle on her effort and all the hard work and dedication it took to become a licensed architect!

Michelle’s 2001 undergraduate degree was a BS in Architectural Engineering Technology at the University of Hartford. After graduation, she entered the work force in Providence, R.I.. There, her mentor, Dana Newbrook, educated her about the path toward and requirements of becoming an architect. The one requirement she was lacking was a Master’s degree from an accredited program. After 4 years in the real world she returned to her alma mater to attain her Masters of Architecture in 2007. During her masters studies, she met her wife and helped the university attain accreditation so that future students didn’t face the same deficit as she did.

Michelle moved to Las Vegas after graduation and learned about hospitality design and the fast pace of the Vegas design and construction market. As all things flourish so shall they falter; the economy did just that in 2009, and Michelle found herself without employment. The down turn was a perfect time to plan her family and motherhood, and to focus her energy on raising a wonderful little man.

Michelle kept her mind busy and focused. Once her son was school aged, she re-entered the work force and began taking her ARE in February 2016. Focused and driven, Michelle and her wife passed all exams in August 2017.