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Salt Lake City’s 9th & 9th Neighborhood

By John Ritz

December 1, 2017 Community, Team

Salt Lake City’s 9th & 9th Neighborhood

Salt Lake City’s 9th & 9th Neighborhood, where our Utah team spends each day as a local business, is considered one of metropolitan areas most unique and desirable neighborhoods. The area is so named because at its center is the intersection of 900 East and 900 South (900 South was recently dedicated and renamed “Harvey Milk Boulevard”).

Some of what makes the area unique is also what makes it desirable. In a few words, what we love of the area is that it is “walkable”, “friendly”, and “locally owned”. With many well received and long lasting small businesses operating at this crossroads, one small shop, that we love to frequent when open, has been quietly doing business for decades, opening for fewer than two months each year.img_9581

“Garden Gate Handmade Chocolates & Toffee”, was started in 1942 as an ice cream parlor by Cornelius (Corky) and Helen Vanderlinden. Today, Corky and Helen’s descendants, operate the shop, opening the doors in early November, and then closing them before Christmas each year. That’s it. “Garden Gate” is almost an urban myth. The shop is known and flourishes each year by the word of mouth that can only spread when people get “personal”. Contrary to what many would consider to be good business practice, this family-owned and operated business does not take pre-orders, they do not advertise or market, they do not even have a website, they just produce/sell in excess of 25,000 pounds of handmade/hand-dipped chocolate and toffee that is coveted by many, present company included.

So, if you have somehow been denied one of the finest treats of any holiday season or are in the neighborhood, get yourself some toffee from Garden Gate, and then stop by our office to share. PLEASE…… If you are not in the neighborhood, give us a call, and maybe we will send you what we don’t eat. 😉

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Knit.