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Silver and Gold Award – University of Idaho College of Art and Architecture

By Lauren Keltie

April 24, 2019 Architecture, Community, Design, News, Team

Silver and Gold Award – University of Idaho College of Art and Architecture

Knit, Principal, Eric Roberts was honored recently by his alma mater, the University of Idaho, with their annual Silver and Gold Award. The award, which was created in 1982, recognizes living alumni who have a distinguishing record of achievement and service in his/her specialized area of endeavor, thus bringing honor and recognition to the University. Eric’s inspiring work and passion for architecture and his community are shown throughout his accomplishments, dedication and service to his profession. Congratulations Eric, we are incredibly proud of you and your well-deserved recognition.

Eric Roberts ’05 has been actively fostering an appreciation for family and architecture since earning his both bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture from U of I. Roberts is an award-winning architect and principle/director of Knit. He is an expert in sustainable design and a LEED accredited professional who has served on the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Las Vegas and AIA Nevada executive committees. Through his education and experience as an architect, Roberts works to help people experience the togetherness of neighborhoods and communities.

Roberts has a true talent for bringing people together through service, as well as community-minded projects. He volunteers in outreach activities to promote the architecture profession through youth education programs and high school design programs, and he started the Las Vegas Urban Sketchers Chapter whose members create art and display it locally. Putting his initiative and rallying talents to work, he has been active in establishing a political voice for architects in Nevada. At the University of Idaho, Roberts has contributed to the education of current students by serving on the College of Art and Architecture advisory board and accreditation team.

For his passionate and inspiring work as an advocate for his profession, the University of Idaho Alumni Association honors him with the Silver and Gold award, recognizing alumni who have a distinguished record of achievement and service.  – University of Idaho College of Art and Architecture