Boulder City High School, Theater

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The Boulder City High Theater is the fourth phase in a multi-phase construction project designed to replace Boulder City High School. The original theater was constructed in the 1950’s and for its day the theater addressed all the needs of the school and served the students and many community events for well over 50 years. Today high school theaters not only address theatrical needs, the facility must support other fine art areas such as Choral, Orchestra and now video media. The new Theater Complex houses the theater and its supporting area, drama classroom, choral classroom, orchestra classroom and video photography classroom. The entire new complex at 21,800 square feet rest on the west end of the site immediately adjacent to the Administration/Classroom Phase III complex recently completed.

The design carries an art deco theme complete with a 30 feet tall art frieze celebrating the history of the school, Hoover Dam and City of Boulder itself. Clark County School District held a public competition to design the art frieze and selected a winner from three finalists. The new theater has fixed seats for 450 audiences members complete with theatrical sound strategies designed to enhance the theatrical experience. The Theatre complex also houses a 1,000 SF Choral Classroom with choral storage and Music Library. Adjacent to the Choral Classroom is the 1,198 SF Orchestra/String Classroom with Office areas and Orchestra Storage Room. Rounding out the complex is the Photography Classroom complete with a 1,156 SF Video Studio Stage including green screen walls and Audio/Video Control Room for full on-site video production. The Grand Corridor acts as a spine holding the complex together and offers secured student access by day and an activity staging area for theatrical productions at night. All public areas such as the Lobby and Grand Corridor have display areas for production posters and student work. The completion of this project marks the first time Boulder City High School has a true Fine Arts Complex.