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Boulder City Hospital

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Boulder City Hospital is a rural hospital with an existing 35,873 SF facility constructed in 1974 with several renovations and expansions over the past 38 years. In addition to periodic renovations, the existing facility has undergone upgrades to existing mechanical and lighting systems in order to improve efficiencies and meet new code standards.

The addition to remodel of the existing facility, the project includes 25,000 SF of new construction for expansion of the Medical, Surgical and Emergency wings which will add new beds and surgical spaces. An addition of a new Physical and Occupational Therapy wing will allow the relocation of these services and provide expansion space for other underserved spaces in the existing building. A complete new public entrance, lobby and admitting area incorporates a new entry treatment to enhance and upgrade the appearance of the facility. There is also a separate, new Gerophsyc wing which is designed specifically for the hospital. Other remodel work will enhance both existing clinical and non-clinical areas in order to provide facilities similar to those found in most modern and contemporary hospital settings.