Cashman Equipment Headquarters

Work - Commercial Office

Cashman Equipment Corporate Headquarters is a 55 acre campus of seven buildings which consolidates operations in the southern Nevada area and is the hub for their 8 outlying facilities.  The Corporate Headquarters’ Administration Building features 66,000SF of administrative and training space on three floors which includes: HR, Sales, Finance, 6Sigma, Warranty, Service and IT. The campus also contains a Parts Warehouse and Sales area, Heavy Equipment Shops, Weld Shops, Rental Store, EPG (Electric Power Generator) Division and Retail Store. The design of all the facilities placed heavy emphasis on the user comfort and amenities and include a large employee cafeteria and kitchen, outdoor patios and courtyards, locker rooms with individual showers, an employee library and team collaboration spaces. The design is built around a strong corporate identity to reinforce the Caterpillar brand.