Western communities are often islands of scarce resources amid beautiful but forbidding landscapes. As stewards of these resources, we have been charged with the dual missions of addressing the global problem of climate change and the aesthetic challenge of protecting open landscapes even as we accommodate growing populations.

At Knit, we consider it not only a responsibility but an exciting architectural challenge to create structures and spaces that conserve our resources and honor our landscape. To us, it is an essential part of being a good neighbor – part of what makes Knit built to last.

WELL Building Standards

The world is quickly changing. This is due, in part, to evolving technology and also to new ways that we interact internally and externally in every aspect of business.  New studies and environmental understandings are published and presented each day to help us increase both building efficiency and the health and happiness of staff through green initiatives, new building materials, and the use of programs such as the WELL Building Standard. A building “lives” because it must adapt to accommodate these changes to be a viable structure for its life expectancy. The seven concepts for a healthier building that we look at include: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, and Mind.