CSN Health & Sciences Building, Henderson Campus

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In response to the shortage of professionals in the field of health-related services in Southern Nevada, the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) and Nevada State College (NSC) came together to create the programmatic requirements for a joint use building to be located on CSN’s Henderson Campus. Following the inclusion of the Nevada State Public Works Division for funding, the three entities moved forward with selecting an architect to design the project.

The design of the Health & Sciences building was heavily driven by the functions of the programmed spaces. Room adjacencies and clear dimensions are crucial to ensuring the building operates as intended, and it was around these criteria that the building was shaped.

Unification of Students: The CSN Henderson campus is under rapid transformation; this project will complete a new Central Plaza and Student Access Point, while also complimenting other brand-new construction. The joint venture between CSN and NSC tasked the design team with developing a distinct programmatic space to house each institution, while also creating a welcoming shared space open to all students.

A Space For All: The Health & Sciences Building is also home to the only library on the CSN Henderson campus, a resource that will be utilized by many. A final component of the program includes staff offices for instructors from both institutions and flex offices for staff members from the rest of the CSN Henderson campus. In a building that serves so many different people, the project team felt it was necessary to create numerous spaces throughout the building for users to gather in small groups or find some personal space. These “collaboration” spaces are spread out to allow them to find their own personal space.