Dr. Beverly Mathis Elementary School

Learn - K-12 Public School

Dr. Beverly Mathis Elementary School is the second re-site of Clark County School Districts’ Ruby Duncan Elementary School. The building is situated on a 10-acre site to take advantage of optimum solar orientation and interior daylighting. Vehicular and pedestrian traffic is separated and maintained in a clockwise flow to allow for safe drop-off and pick-up. Bus traffic is detached from the vehicular traffic to ensure a safe loading and un-loading zone. Age-based exterior playgrounds are placed strategically around the building to keep age groups together. Clean site lines aid in monitoring during and after school and help to ensure a safe campus.

In addition to programming and functional tasks, CCSD and the stakeholders took time to look for design-driven solutions to issues such as multi-use spaces that could help reduce overall building area and creative adjacency arrangements that might enhance building flexibility. Added value features such as multiple exterior learning areas in the central courtyard, an outdoor amphitheater connected to the band room and flexible classroom arrangements – some with direct exterior access – provide a variety of options for teachers.