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Craig Ranch Regional Park Phase 1

Play - Recreation

Craig Ranch Regional Park is a conversion of the old Craig Ranch 18-hole golf course. The site has a long history in North Las Vegas and was originally the location of one of the first ranches in the area. SHARCHITECTURE was tasked with maintaining and enhancing the historic nature of the park through “place-making” architecture. Through community collaboration and feedback, we created a series of structures that utilize architectural forms from the early ranch days of the site and augment the historic nature of the site. Restroom facilities, ticket and information kiosks, picnic shelters, storage areas, concession booths, a swimming pool locker room and an amphitheater stage and green room are all part of this park. The first phase of this 135-acre park had a $13 million dollar budget, while the second phase had an $11 million dollar budget. All funds were from federal dollars through the SNPLMA program.